Dr. Rachael Mahmood

Equity Consultant and Professional Development Presenter

Culturally relevant instruction can sometimes feel overwhelming for educators to implement and many do not know where to start. Help teachers feel confident to get started with tips, tricks, and advice from a teacher like them!

Using Dr. Mahmood’s Culturally Responsive Framework SERVE. VERVE. OBSERVE. participants walk away with ready-to-implement ideas on how to supplement their curriculum to reflect the identities of their students, how to transform their instruction to become culturally responsive, and how to build academically productive relationships with diverse student populations!

Dr. Rachael Mahmood is an engaging and activational facilitator on topics related to equity in education, including: culturally relevant instruction, culturally responsive teaching, implicit bias, minority parent involvement, and multicultural curriculum.



Many educational equity programs start their training with unpacking one’s own implicit bias, and exploring one’s privilege. While these are very important and necessary steps in becoming a culturally responsive educator, they can take a life time to fully unpack and explore. While this level of self examination and self-reflection is an important part of equity training, the deepness can sometimes become a road block to educators who are overwhelmed and who see these tasks as being time consuming while balancing the other professional and educational demands of being a great teacher.

Administrators, teachers, and all stakeholders in the educational field, need practical next steps on how to become culturally responsive educators which can be implemented immediately to start initiating change. Over the last 20 years, I have studied the prominent research and theories in the field, and have built the SERVE. VERVE. OBSERVE. framework from the core principles of effective culturally responsive teaching. Not everyone is at a theoretical level. Not everyone enjoys reading empirical research. Not everyone is ready for a deep self-reflection. That is okay. There are steps that educators can take today to get on their way to becoming a culturally responsive teacher.

Use this framework as:

  1.  An introduction to culturally responsive teaching to hook teachers in and provide steps to start moving towards deeper self-examination of bias and privilege.
  2. Next steps for a person who has spent extensive time reflecting on their bias and privilege and are looking for ways to implement practices into their classroom.
  3. At the same time as bias and privilege training to complement and diversify educators’ approaches to culturally relevant instruction.

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