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Favorite Holiday Poster Projects Aren’t Inclusion

Favorite Holiday Poster Projects Aren’t Inclusion By Rachael — “Mom, why doesn’t Santa come to our house?”I was in the middle of teaching my own remote class when my kindergartner interrupted my instruction with this question. While I understand that these questions are inevitable for our Muslim family, I was surprised to hear it so early […]

You Can’t Be Culturally Responsive Without Being Responsive

You Can’t Be Culturally Responsive Without Being Responsive By: Dr. Rachael Mahmood When I first learned about multicultural education in college, I was very excited to start including my students’ backgrounds in the lessons I taught. I, too, come from cultures that aren’t often included in curricular stories or histories. I eagerly searched for books that […]

This Is a Perfect Time to Talk With Our Students About Social Injustice

This Is a Perfect Time to Talk With Our Students About Social Injustice The COVID-19 pandemic offers teachers a unique opportunity to capitalize on student empathy. Before the pandemic hit, millions of U.S. students were already in our classrooms experiencing challenges like food insecurity and the inability to afford medical care. But the pandemic brought these […]


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