Meet the 2020 Teaching Tolerance Award Finalists

Every two years, we identify 10 finalists for our Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching. Although we should be used to this process by now, every time we’re amazed by the incredible innovation, dedication and brilliance that educators bring to their work with students.

While it’s always a challenge to narrow the field down to 10, this year was particularly difficult. But the work of our finalists is extraordinary. From creating ethnic studies lessons in elementary school to writing gender-inclusive biology curriculum to running social justice afterschool clubs, these educators are going above and beyond to ensure that their students are equipped to participate in—and have a hand in shaping—our diverse democracy. 

These 10 finalists have shown their commitment to learning and amplifying student concerns about a wide range of topics, including climate change, immigration, racism, LGBTQ rights and more. And they’re extending their work beyond the classroom walls: Many of our finalists facilitate and support professional learning in their schools, districts and communities. 

We’re excited to announce the 2020 finalists for the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching so we can share their work with you as well. Click the button to read Dr. Rachael Mahmood’s bio.

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